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Relay, Bosch - Various Applications

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  • [BOSCH EXPERTISE] - Bosch has been producing relays for vehicles and other applications for more than 40 years - this vast development experience ensures continuous advancement in design features to deliver optimum performance
  • [COMPACT SWITCHING] - Bosch Mini Relays feature a compact design and are used in a wide range of vehicles to perform switching operations
  • [PREMIUM PERFORMANCE] - Bosch relays incorporate only the highest quality materials for reliable, long-term performance and a 250,000 switching cycle capability
  • [SUPERIOR ENGINEERING] - Engineered with high corrosion resistance to ensure long term reliability in harsh environments and conditions
  • 5 pins, 12V, 30A; Integral bracket mount; Black ****Note: Both 87 pins (no 87a) are permanently connected. Relay should be wired like a 4 pin. Not for use where a true 5 pin relay is required****
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Various Applications - Fridge