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Piston Rings, 85.5; 1.75x2x5

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The VW 85.5mm Piston Ring Set includes four 1.75mm rings for the top groove, four 2mm rings for the middle groove, and 8 oil rings to keep the 4 lower expander rings in place in the 5mm lower groove. The piston rings should be installed at offset locations (do not line up the grooves) and the lower expander ends should meet, not overlap. The piston ring set fits 85.5mm pistons with 1.75mm x 2mm x 5mm ring grooves that were typically used on dished, low compression style pistons.

Suitable for 1967-79 Beetle, 1968-71 Bus, 1966-73 Type 3, 1966-74 Ghia, 1973-74 Thing

Volkswagen Part Number 070198169