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Oil Intake Strainer Screen, Type 1, Dual Relief

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A must for all air-cooled VW engines. Keeps particles of contamination from re-entering your lubrication system. In a stock VW air cooled engine, this is all you have to clean & filter your engine oil! This is designed to fit 1967 – 1979 VW upright motors and 1966 to 1973 T3 motors. Sold each.

Note: This part will only work on cars that have been factory equipped with engines that use this part Bugs, Super Beetles, Ghias and Things (1967 – 1979) or T3’s (1966 – 1973) or with cars that have had the motor updated with one of these year motors. It is up to the customer to verify this before ordering. So. Cal. Imports cannot be held liable for parts ordered incorrectly.