Bilstein XHD Shock Absorber Set

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There is simply no better shock in its class for a street-driven vehicle than a Bilstein. They are the original mono-tube, nitrogen gas charged shock absorber used as original equipment on many of the world's top-brand automobiles. For years now, the standard "Heavy Duty" model has been the best shock you can buy for your 2WD Vanagon. However, with the exception of the most minimally-loaded Vanagon hard top models (vehicles without any camper top or interior build-out): they are just too soft, plain and simple. If you are into a really soft ride, then the regular HD shocks are for you. But if you are like most of us that run a heavier vehicle, and prefer the extra stability—then we highly recommend the XHD. Nobody has ever returned them because they were too stiff, and you will probably agree: They are just right!

This exclusive "XHD (Extra Heavy Duty)" version was born from a collaborative effort between the engineers at GoWesty and those at Bilstein. The GoWesty XHD Bilstein shocks are identical to the regular HD shocks on the outside, and fit the exact same way. The difference is all on the inside valve settings that achieve the following results:
• 80% more front and 40% more rear rebound dampening than the HD model 
• 57% more front and 20% more rear compression dampening than the HD model