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Accelerator Cable Bowden Tube

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Accelerator Cable Bowden Tube, protects accelerator tube between rear of chassis to rear side of fan shroud, fits 1966-1971 & 1978-1979 Beetles, all models/ Bus

Accelerator Cable (Body to Engine) (610mm), Type 1 1966-67, 131-721-551 is the flex tube between the chassis and the engine. When in place you can usually replace the throttle cable without crawling underneath the car!

This tube is often missing and it's very important for 2 reasons. First, it keeps dirt and junk out of the throttle tube, which then abrades the cable. Also water (rust). Secondly, it keeps a constant tension (throttle setting) while the engine moves around a bit. If this is missing, you'll find it very difficult to control the throttle, every wiggle the throttle changes! The result is a bucking monster.