2.1 Stainless Steel WBX J Exhaust Pipe; Connector Pipe

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This J-pipe, sometimes called an "elbow pipe," fits between the collector and the catalytic converter on 2.1 liter Vanagons. GoWesty re-positioned the pre-catalytic converter "sniffer" port so it does not point straight down, one less thing to snag when driving off-road! That port has also been updated to eliminate the impossible-to-get "sniffer cap." Innovation all around!

Direct fit for all 1986-91 2WD and 4WD. That's right, it can fit both 2WD and Syncro. In addition, the flange positions are in the same, exact factory locations. So this part is interchangable with the corresponding, original VW exhaust component. This allows you to replace your aging exhaust system with these stainless steel parts piece by piece, or all at once with our complete exhaust kit.